PeeNut “Day to Night” Absorbant Pad


Use in conjuction with PeeNut wrap.  Just snap in and go!

1 set equals 2 pads that can be used 3 ways

Small for light wetters

Large for medium wetters

Together for heavy wetters

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  • Contents: 1 x set of PeeNut Pads (2 pads).
  • Small PeeNut pad can hold 210ml
  • Big PeeNut pad can hold 270ml
  • Both PeeNut pads used simultaneously holds up to 480ml
  • Oekotex certified - no harmful chemicals next to your babies skin

Washing Instructions

  • Before you use your pad you will need to prewash. Bamboo will need approx. 10 washes to reach full absorbency.
  • Wash at 40 degrees if wet, 60 degrees if soiled with non bio powder.
  • Do not use fabric softener or oil based products (if using barrier cream, use a liner).
  • Line dry or tumble dry on a cool setting.
  • No harsh stain removers; they may cause irritation and can damage the waterproof membrane.
  • Wash dark colours separately.


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